How to use Grabaro Google Chrome Extension

You have a list of websites of the companies where your leads and/or prospects work. Your job for today is to find the contact details and fill your CRM with the emails… Blah…

Struggle no more, we created a Google Chrome Extension that is integrated with our platform. Our extension is designed to help you streamline your email marketing efforts, by collecting email addresses from the websites while you browse, visit the targeted website, open some pages that may contain contact details, and voila – you have all the emails from the website in a small extension window. With its smart algorithm, it automatically collects relevant emails and allows you to push them to your Grabaro dashboard and allocate them to your leads, saving you time and effort.

The best part? It’s free to use and easily integrates with your Grabaro account.

With the ability to perform bulk actions, you can easily manage large numbers of collected emails, making it easier and more efficient for you to reach out to your target audience.

To start using the Grabaro Chrome Extension, simply install it from the Chrome Web Store here and log in using your Grabaro account credentials. To make sure you always have it handy, you can pin the extension to your browser by clicking the puzzle icon next to your profile avatar and selecting “Pin” next to Grabaro.

We believe that this new addition to Grabaro will significantly enhance your email marketing efforts and help you save time, reach the right people, and avoid the pitfalls of email marketing, such as getting blocked by spam filters or having high bounce rates.

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