vs. Grabaro: Professional Email Finder and Verification Tools

Email marketing tools are an essential part of any modern business. They offer a plethora of features, from email verification to lead management. Two popular email marketing tools are (also known as Email Hunter) and Grabaro. While both have similar features, they vary in areas like outreach and pricing. This article offers a comprehensive comparison of these two tools based on several categories.

  Category Grabaro Hunter Difference
Features Email Verification Yes Yes Same offering
Email Finder Yes Yes Same offering
API Yes Yes Same offering
Integrations Yes Yes Same offering
Browser Extension Yes Yes Same offering
Lead Management Yes Yes Same offering
Outreach Not yet Yes Hunter has an outreach feature which Grabaro is launching in 2023
Pricing Free version 100 verifications 50 verifications 2x more verifications at Grabaro
25 searches 25 searches Same number of searches
Minimum Paid Version (monthly) $12.5 $49 4x cheaper at Grabaro
1000 verifications 1000 verifications Same number of verifications
250 searches 500 searches Half searches
Maximum Paid Version (monthly) $299.0 $499 40% cheaper at Grabaro
50000 verifications 100000 verifications Half verifications
12500 searches 50000 searches Quarter of searches
Pay-as-you-go Option Yes, at $0.7 per 100 credits Yes, at $0.75 per 100 credits Slightly cheaper at Grabaro

Features of and Grabaro

Both and Grabaro have a multitude of features that make them competitive in the email marketing sector. Here are the features both tools provide:

Email Verification

This feature is integral to any email marketing tool as it helps in eliminating invalid email addresses, thus ensuring a higher success rate for email campaigns. The feature being referred to is known as email verification or email validation. It helps in verifying the validity and deliverability of email addresses in a given email list before starting an email campaign. By removing invalid email addresses, such as ones with typos, fake or inactive accounts, the success rate of the email campaign is improved.

Email verification typically involves a series of checks, including syntax validation, domain verification, checking for disposable email addresses, and checking if the email exists and can receive messages. This process helps in maintaining a high-quality email list, reducing the chance of emails bouncing back or being marked as spam.

Overall, the email verification feature is crucial for email marketing tools as it enhances the effectiveness and deliverability of email campaigns, saves time and effort by targeting genuine recipients, and improves the overall reputation and performance of an email sender. 

Email Finder

This feature helps users find email addresses associated with a particular domain. It's a powerful tool for lead generation. This feature can be used to identify potential leads and contact information for a specific company or organization. By providing a domain name, the tool scans the internet and retrieves email addresses that are linked to that domain. This can be especially useful for sales, marketing, and business development professionals who are looking to expand their network, reach out to potential clients or partners, or build a mailing list for targeted outreach. 


Both tools provide an API, allowing developers to integrate the tool into their own software or applications. This API integration enables developers to leverage the functionality and features of the tools within their own applications or software. They can access and utilize the tools’ capabilities, such as sending and receiving data, performing actions, retrieving information, and managing tasks.

By integrating the API, developers can seamlessly incorporate the tools' functionality into their own software, enhancing and extending its capabilities. This integration also enables communication and data exchange between the tools and other software systems, creating a connected and streamlined workflow.

Overall, the API integration of these tools empowers developers to customize and optimize their software solutions by incorporating the features and capabilities of the tools directly into their applications. 


Both tools offer a variety of integrations with other marketing and sales tools, making it easier for users to streamline their workflow. With both Hunter and Grabaro, users can integrate with popular tools such as Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify, and Mailchimp, among others. This allows users to sync data, automate tasks, and create a more connected and cohesive marketing and sales stack.

Browser Extension

Both tools offer a browser extension, facilitating quick and easy access to their features. With both tools offering a browser extension, users can easily access their features without having to navigate to their websites separately. This feature enhances convenience and efficiency in utilizing the tools' functionalities directly from the browser interface. The browser extension minimizes the need for manual navigation and provides seamless integration with the tool's capabilities. 

Lead Management

This feature allows users to keep track of their leads and manage them efficiently. The lead tracking and management feature is designed to help users efficiently manage and keep track of potential customers or leads for their business. It allows users to input and organize lead information, such as contact details, company, and source. 

With this feature, users can easily categorize and assign leads to specific sales representatives or teams. It enables users to set reminders and follow-ups, ensuring that no lead gets neglected.

The lead tracking feature also provides a dashboard or a visual representation of the lead pipeline. This allows users to track the progress of leads from the initial contact stage to conversion. Users can monitor the status of each lead, such as whether they are in the negotiation phase, contract signing, or closed.

Additionally, this feature may include lead scoring functionality, which allows users to prioritize leads based on their likelihood of conversion. The lead scoring system can assign scores to leads based on criteria such as their engagement level, potential value, or fit with the business's target audience.

Overall, this lead tracking and management feature streamlines and optimizes the sales process by providing users with a centralized platform to track, organize, and manage leads efficiently, ultimately improving their chances of converting leads into customers. 

Differences between and Grabaro features has an additional feature not yet available in Grabaro - Outreach. This feature is beneficial for automating and personalizing your email campaigns. However, it's important to note that Grabaro has announced its plans to launch this feature in 2023. The Outreach feature in allows users to automate and personalize their email campaigns, which can be highly beneficial for efficient outreach efforts. It helps in saving time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and ensuring a personalized touch to emails. 

However, Grabaro has announced its plans to launch a similar feature in 2023. This indicates that Grabaro acknowledges the importance of automating and personalizing email campaigns and recognizes the demand for such a feature among its users. Once Grabaro releases this feature, users will be able to enjoy the same benefits as offered by's Outreach feature.

It's worth noting that while currently offers this feature, Grabaro users can look forward to having access to a similar capability in the future. 


When it comes to pricing, both tools offer free versions with certain limitations and paid plans with a wider range of features.

Free version

Grabaro offers a slightly more generous free version, allowing for 100 verifications and 25 searches, compared to's 50 verifications and the same number of searches.

Paid versions

Grabaro's minimum paid version is considerably cheaper than's, at $12.5/month compared to $49/month. While both offer 1000 verifications, Grabaro offers half the number of searches (250) compared to (500).

For the maximum paid version, Grabaro is still the cheaper option, priced at $299/month, while costs $499/month. However, it's worth noting that Grabaro's plan includes half the verifications and a quarter of the searches compared to

Additionally, both tools offer a pay-as-you-go option. Grabaro comes out slightly cheaper, at $0.7 per 100 credits, compared to's $0.75 per 100 credits. and Grabaro offer a rich set of features with minor differences. While stands out with its outreach feature, Grabaro provides a more competitive pricing structure, making it the more affordable option. Your decision between the two should be based on the specific needs of your business, such as budget and required features.

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