Zerobounce vs Grabaro: Email Validation Service

In the realm of email marketing and outreach, email verification tools are essential to ensure your emails reach the correct recipients. Zerobounce and Grabaro are two prominent players in this space, providing a suite of features for email discovery, verification, and more. Let's dive into a comparison between these two tools in terms of features and pricing. Zerobounce is a robust email verification tool that offers a wide range of features to help ensure email deliverability. It provides email validation, spam trap detection, bounce detection, email abuse detection, IP address validation, and more. Zerobounce also offers an email scoring system, allowing users to assess the quality and deliverability of their email list. Grabaro, on the other hand, focuses on email discovery and verification. It helps users find potential email addresses by verifying domains and providing email patterns based on users' inputs. Grabaro can also be integrated with CRM systems to import and export email lists. Both Zerobounce and Grabaro offer bulk email verification, allowing users to verify a large number of emails at once. They also provide APIs for seamless integration with other tools and platforms. In terms of pricing, Zerobounce offers various plans depending on the number of email verifications needed, ranging from a pay-as-you-go option to monthly subscriptions. The cost per email verification decreases as the quantity increases. Grabaro, on the other hand, has a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage. Overall, Zerobounce and Grabaro have different focuses and feature sets. Zerobounce provides a comprehensive email verification solution, while Grabaro specializes in email discovery and verification. The choice between the two tools depends on individual needs and preferences. 

Zerobounce Email Validator vs. Grabaro Email Verification Tool

  Category Grabaro Zerobounce Difference
Features Email Verification Yes Yes Same offering
Email Finder Yes Yes Same offering
API Yes Yes Same offering
Integrations Yes Yes Same offering
Browser Extension Yes Yes Same offering
Lead Management Yes No Zerobounce doesn't allow you to manage leads
Outreach In Q4 2023 No Grabaro is launching an Outreach service in 2023
Email Testing Tool No Yes Zerobounce has broader set of tools, some of them targeting tech people
Blacklist monitoring No Yes Zerobounce has broader set of tools, some of them targeting tech people
Email activity data No Yes Zerobounce has broader set of tools, some of them targeting tech people
Email score No Yes Zerobounce has broader set of tools, some of them targeting tech people
Pricing Free version 100 verifications 100 verifications Same number of verifications
25 searches 5 searches Grabaro offers 5x more searches
Minimum Paid Version (monthly) $12.5 $15 Slightly cheaper at Grabaro
1000 verifications 2000 verifications 2x more verifications at Zerobounce
250 searches 100 searches 2.5x more searches on Grabaro
Maximum Paid Version (monthly) $299.0 $278 7.5% more expensive at Grabaro
50000 verifications 50000 verifications Same number of verifications
12500 searches 2500 searches 5x more searches on Grabaro
Pay-as-you-go Option Yes, at $0.7 per 100 credits Yes, at $0.75 per 100 credits Slightly cheaper at Grabaro

Both Zerobounce and Grabaro provide a similar suite of features:

  • Email Verification: Both platforms allow you to verify email addresses to improve email deliverability and reduce bounce rates.

  • Email Finder: This feature helps find the email addresses associated with a specific person or company. Both Zerobounce and Grabaro offer this feature.

  • API: Both platforms offer an API, enabling integration with your existing applications or software.

  • Integrations: They also allow for integration with other software tools, broadening their usability in different tech ecosystems.

  • Browser Extension: Both Zerobounce and Grabaro provide browser extensions, facilitating easy email discovery while browsing websites or LinkedIn profiles.

However, there are some significant differences in their offerings:

  • Lead Management: Grabaro allows you to manage leads directly within the platform, a feature that Zerobounce does not offer.

  • Outreach: Grabaro plans to launch an Outreach service in Q4 2023, further broadening its offering.

On the other hand, Zerobounce provides a broader set of tools targeting technical users:

  • Email Testing Tool: This allows for testing the functionality and appearance of your emails.

  • Blacklist Monitoring: Zerobounce monitors if your IP or domain is on any email blacklist, helping maintain your sender reputation.

  • Email Activity Data: Zerobounce provides data on email activity, helping understand the behavior and engagement of your email recipients.

  • Email Score: Zerobounce scores emails based on their quality and deliverability.


When it comes to pricing, both Zerobounce and Grabaro offer competitive options:

  • Free Version: Both platforms offer a free version with 100 verifications. However, Grabaro allows for more searches (25 compared to Zerobounce's 5).

  • Minimum Paid Version: Grabaro's minimum paid version is slightly cheaper at $12.50 per month, compared to Zerobounce's $15. However, Zerobounce offers double the number of verifications (2000 compared to Grabaro's 1000) but fewer searches (100 vs Grabaro's 250).

  • Maximum Paid Version: The maximum paid version of Grabaro is slightly more expensive at $299 per month compared to Zerobounce's $278. However, Grabaro provides 5x more searches (12,500 vs 2,500) while both offer the same number of verifications (50,000).

  • Pay-as-you-go Option: Both platforms provide a pay-as-you-go option, with Grabaro's option slightly cheaper at $0.7 per 100 credits, compared to Zerobounce's $0.75.

Choosing between Zerobounce and Grabaro ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. If you require more robust technical features, such as email testing tools, blacklist monitoring, and detailed email activity data, Zerobounce may be the better choice. If lead management and outreach capabilities are more important to your operations, Grabaro is a strong contender, especially given its more affordable pricing options and a generous number of searches.

Remember, the best tool for you will depend on your specific requirements, budget, and integration capabilities with your current tech stack. Always consider these factors before making a decision.

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